Friday, December 30, 2005

I don't want to say goodbye!


This morning, my host mother told me saddly,'Leitasa(a girl from Intaly ) has gone,I don't want to say good bye.'I could see the tears in her eyes.My eyes was wet also, because this sunday I will leave. I know she had to face the situation like this, and all of the memember of the Bell in Norwich face the situstion often. Norwich is a very, very,very friendly city, and so many many people come here ,espcially to study in Bell.

This morning, I saw tears in Tom’s eyes. Oh, Tom, you gave our very deep impression.when we receive the lunch from your hand , we felt very warm, we could feel your kind heart.(please forgive ,I can’t find more words to descibe my heart.).And we also remembered your teaching us new words ,although you are not a teacher in the class,but you are our english teacher in the dinning room.

Bob, a good learner,has strong intresting in learning chinese.I felt sorry I hadn’t taught you any words.Thanks for your hard work, and we all have experienced a very fantastic social work.

Megumi, a lovely lady, I will remember your honey smiling.The study center is very tidy, and you have done very well. I know it’s because your careful work.Thanks for your help and thank your comment on my little poem.

Paul and sharon, our teachers ,you are good teachers, especially very creative teachers,thanks for your lessons.

And our drivers, thank you for your hard work, your courteous heart. We will remember forever for your care on the trip. Each lately coming home hadn’t made us lonely. We felt safety and warm.

Tears are in my eyes when I tape the words.I don’t want to say goodbye,but I had to. Mayby today’s leaving is for the coming back soon. I can’t write all my feeling ,can’t write to all the people because of my less words in English, and also because I have limited time to use internet.

The coldest English lesson

Group 3 went for a walk in the snow with me on Thursday. We went along the cycle path and into the woods. It was really beautiful. Then I asked them to write about the snow. Alejandra wrote a lovely poem:
The winds morning
was full of snow.
The freezing fog
didn't let me go.
The sounds of the trees moving
Mde me feel lonely.
The freezing cold
Burned my hands.
Nobody else remembered to give me their homework!! But here are some photos I took.

Farewell from your staff on the Christmas Course

Bob Les Michael Richard Paul Barry
Megumi Sharon Tom Jo Carole Sharon

And also from those people not in the picture
Philip, Derek, Caroline, Jade, Liz, Laura, Colin

It's been a really great two weeks. We hope you've enjoyed it and learnt lots of English.

Good luck to you all in the future!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Bell Norwich Christmas Course

This is Mustafa.I come from Ankara in Turkey.I was born in Ankara,a city in Inner Anatolia of Turkey.It is very big,with a population of about 5,000,000.It is the capital city.There are many national parks and a few universities.I miss my country,which has very peaceful people.There are no big bridges but there are a lot of small bridges.There also a few skyscrapers,which are really wondurful and incredible..
A few years ago,the main industry was building skyscrapers,but now the chemical and flat building industries are very important.In Ankara,which has become a building centre because there is a lot of empty land there.
I left Ankara four weeks ago but I want to return.I miss the people,who are so nice and kind and I miss my mother,who is cooking absolutely delicious.Also the countryside near the city,where there are so many parks and pubs.
People,who are born in Ankara have special features because Ankara people are very helpful,kind and so on...

PETER JACKSON!!!!!!!!!!!

I watched a film in the cinema yesterday. Its film title is 'KING KONG' which is directed by PETER JACKSON. I like his films, especially 'The Lord of Rings'. Do you know that Peter Jackson made a horror film as well as 'King Kong','The Lord of Rings'?. The horror film title is 'Dead Alive' made in 1993. This film is not famous but I recommend it if you like horror films. Sometimes it is funny...
Anyway, I will return to the Bell School in Cambridge. I had a good time at the Bell School in Norwich so I won't forget it.
See you.

Do you like cartoon

I really like carttoon.
Do you like cartoon?
If you like cartoot maybe you can try to contact with Hiromi.
she is my classmate and same time she good at draw.
She usually draw Janpenese cartoon, it's very beautiful.

Merry Cristmas for evry body

Merry Christmas
My name is Salem I'm a student at bell school.
At first I didn't have a lot of information about Christmas,but this Christmas I celebrated with a nice group of students from different countries and great staff of teachers from bell school. We sang ,laughed ,ate, and also we took some pictures together.In addition, I learned many important things about this celebration and I think now Christmas is not only a religous celebration but it's became an international celebration.
In the end I would like to take this chance to say happy new year for my family, friends,teachers, and everybody in the world.

I like Norwich

^&^ wow
I have stayed in Norwich about ten days. I like school social programs and enjoy it every day. It's very nice. Today, it is snowy. It took me much time walking to bus stop, because there was thick snow on the street. I played snowballs with teachers and other students outside of school. We fought each other and threw snowballs. It was good fun and I ran around very quickiy.

I watched "KING KONG" film in cinema last night. I went there by bus. My classmates and I waited for the movie to start. We ate some chocolates when we were watching film. I thought this film was better than the previous one. This story described about king kong and a pretty lady.


Hi, it has snowed today. Everything is covered by much snow and white.
Last night, we went to cinema as one of social programs.
I watched a film named `KINGKONG`, maybe you know it.
It`s the best film which I have watched for a year whereas I watched only one film in this year.A story is lovely and A video effect is great.
If you need further information, please check James` blog, !COMING SOON!

Have a Happy New Year!


(゚∀゚{Thank you for everything,
Happy new year.....〆(・ω・` )カキカキ

I hope for peace in the world.コナ━━━━(゚A゚)━━━━イ !!!!!?

Now, Norwich has lovely winter with beautiful snow, tasty drinks, and it is nice.
I'll really miss Norwich,。゚(゚´Д`゚)゜。ウァァァン because 2 days later I have to leave from Norwich to London.
England's country side is absolutely excellent, because nature is very beautiful.*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・゜(゚∀゚)゚・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*!!!!!
I really enjoy to stay in Norwich.ぃょ━━━━━(=゚ω゚)人(゚ω゚=)━━━━━ぅ

If you need further information, please check James's blog!

Have a nice year~~~~

Happy New Year
Happy New Year
Happy New Year
Happy New Year
Happy New Year
Happy New Year
Happy New Year

Magic snow

Suprised when I saw biritsh snow,
Just like hometown's snow that I had see.
White snow cover the plain,
Just like beatuiful fairy with downy robe.

Must the fairy come with me,
Sending magic snow to suprised me.
Wish snowing everywhere,
Just like magic everywhere.

poem: Snow world

Walking along the snowy road
Looking around the white view
Touching silky snow like feeling new-born baby’s skin

Attractive purely white angel
You bring magic show for us
We are soften in fairy land

Thanks teacher paul introduce me another aspect of norwich
Thanks classmates with me in fantastic picture
Thanks bell school give me a good memory
Footprints in snow

There are nothing but footprints on the snow,
I can find them and try to know,
Whose steps are they?
To watch them and let me tell you:

Children's footprints are lovely,
Animal's footprints are crazy,
Boy's footprints are excited,
Girl's footprints are happy.

It is the heavy snow,
Footprints are easily made on the road,
Though the steps are different,
Each of us can find our owen.

Lucky Li (2005-12-29,in Norwich)

Colourful Snow

Colourful Snow
Snow is white
Falling down on the ground
The whole world is white except our happy moods
Pacing through the countryside, snow makes our shoes disappear
I walked farther and farther
Suddenly, pieces of colours rush into my eyes
Green fallen leaves, red walls and two lovely brown dogs over there
They are running, jumping and seeking each other
All of these make me think
How blissful they are!

----Phoebe Yang

The Inspiration From Walking This Morning

The Inspiration From Walking This Morning

hi, everyone :I'm very delighted this morning. Paul gave us a wonderful lesson.We walked on the snow, listening to the sound of birds.I'm not a poet, and not good at English.But I'd like to give you my poem.I hope you can understand me, and give some comments on it:

The flowers from heaven

Tiny flowers bloom
all the things are silent
only listen to the sound

It's the gift from heaven
God smiles at all
soothes the soul
like mother to child

Birds are fling in the sky
whispering to pray
songs from my heart
sing on the remote field

cici (from China), in Norwich

POEM: Time and tide melt the snowman

Time and tide melt the snowman

In the freezing winter dawn,
The whole world sleeps tight.

Looking through the steaming window,
Snowflakes are coming silently and quietly, without telling anyone.
Like the white feathers, flying in the peaceful sky.
This is a holy gift nature brings to us,
Purifying our minds and spirits.

Snowflakes are coming silently and quietly, without telling anyone.
Do cherish them and treat them gently,
Time and tide melt the snowman.


About Super Sonya

My classmate Sonya is a pretty optimistic young lady and smile always on her face. To my surprise, I never know before that Sonya and I are working in the same building. We often met in the dining room at noon before we came to Britain.
She works at Beijing population and family planning commission. Her major is law, so she deals with law problems everyday. She is proud of her job although she is not satisfied with her salary. Many important policies about family planning may come from her hand. Everyone knowing the policy of “one family, one child”, so if you want to have your second child, you can ask her to help you (back door).
The happiest thing for her is when she draws up a reasonable policy. The unhappiest thing for her is that she is so busy everyday and has little spare time to enjoy a colourful life. In the future, her strong desire is to change to another department in order to learn more knowledge. The thing annoyed her is that her major is so professional that can’t be understood easily by some people.
Her hobby is climbing and listening to music.

jia's carrer

Jia, a lovely girl, is working as an office clerk in Planning and Statistics department. She has been working for the department for about 8 years.
Her responsibilities are making statistics of population and predicting the population such as total number, structure in future. She enjoys the job very much because she is interested in statistics and mathematics. Meanwhile, this job is full of challenges and relationships between the colleagues of the department are very well.
However,the china urban population is so huge that she feels great pressure in her area. Sometimes, the more she is paid, the less she gets.
in future, she wants to change to a new job which has a higher level but is still in her studying area. Anyway, she wants to change to another city to live in, ’maybe Lijiang is a better choice’ she said.

saying fot life is first.
2.when in Rome, do as the Romenas do.


Stepping into a fairy snow world,
Silvery trees with silent white birds,
Footprints lead us into an unknown place,
In there we saw mysterious woods

Like guards the trees’re standing in silence,
And we enjoy the great temporary peace,
Special feelings I never had,
like the first time a kid touches ice

Several lovely dogs running into our view,
Barking and chasing and finding something new,
I was lost in the beautiful scenery,
We couldn’t even find the road underneath the snow

My fantastic morning in snowy Norwich,
Every thing impressed me so deeply,
Time flies, time flies,
Long live Norwich!

Magic snow

Suprised with British country snow,
Just like hometown's snow that I had saw.
white snow cover plain,
Just like beautiful fairy with downy robe.

Must the fairy come with me,
Magic snow as christmas gift.
wished snowing everywhere,
Just like magic everywhere.

As traditional as before,
The God gives a gift to the earth.
He made a big white blanket,
Softly put it on the globe.
Twelve Chinese naughty boys and girls,
Madly chasing on the snow,
Happier, happier than any before.
Oh, I wish I were in the fairy story,
All the bores went away.

a girl is as beautiful as the flower !

beautiful, gentle, new-fashioned, that’s Phoebe----a girl is as beautiful as the flowers !

Influential Li

Li is a sunny boy in our class. He also is an important person in his department. Let me tell you something about his work. Li is deputy director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning Chang Ping Branch Bureau. His responsibilities are making decisions on Changping district roads and basic facilities. His day to day duties are making decision, answering someone’s application and attending a lot meeting. He has done the job for 1 year.
Li likes his job because he likes the challenges. Everyday he meets different people and different things. He enjoys it very much. And when the buildings and roads that he had decided on are finished, he feels proud he is involved with them.
But Li thinks his job isn’t perfect because his office is far away from his home. It takes 1 hour to go to the office everyday. And his office is not large enough and salary is not good enough. And sometimes making decisions in his job is very difficult. And there are too much work everyday.
Li hope there will be some changes in his job. He wishes building more excellent facilities and roads in Changping district in the future.

A Beautiful Morning!

a white world!

a story about a lovely girl

Today, I’m glad to introduce a lovely girl to you.

She comes from the Department of Society and Technology in Beijing Bureau of Statistics, She has worked for 3 years since she graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2002.

Her main responsibilities are to analyze some social phenomena and social problems accruing in recent years, to write reports and to give advice and specific-data to the government.

Her day-to day duties are to get some projects from Beijing government, to cooperate with other organizations, to design questionnaires , to do surveys and do interviews according to questionnaires, to collect data ,to put data into computers ,to use statistic software to analyze and write reports ,to find useful information on the internet. And, then every quarter, she gives presentations to all the staff to report on the results of the research.

She enjoys her work because her projects are new in the society; she thinks her job is full of creative, challenge. She always finds something interesting in the job. Especially, she can use the knowledge from the university, and makes her knowledge wider.

On the other hand, she faces some difficulties all the time. No one is able to help her. She has to cope with them by herself. Sometimes she feels helpless.

Her work time is from Monday to Friday. She feels bored about that. When she writes reports, she can’t focus on it in the office because the office is very noisy. And she wants to travel, but she has no holiday.

Her work will be widened because of the development of the society. The tools used to analyze data will change, which makes it easier for her to analyze.

In future, she hopes she has an opportunity to go to Oxford or Harvard. She also plans to retire early, and then she wants to travel.

Do you know who she is? Yes, she is Jasmine ( Du Juan)

this is real jan(zhang)

Jan’s C V

· Jan works for the expert & postdoctoral affairs office of personnel bureau of Beijing municipality government. Her responsibility is to select people to have the special allowance from the government and is keen on training young people who are under forty years old. Such as helping young people financially to go abroad to study and to do the scientific research.

· Jan has worked for seven years in the personnel bureau.

· Jan feel a little bit bored about routine work because she does the same work year after year , fortunately she always meets some very famous experts.

· Jan is good at writting speech , she has to write important speech for leaders sometimes.

· Jan considers that China is developing change very fast. The government will be slimmed and her bureau may diminish in future.

· Jan hope she can change her job, she , recently, focused on the job by using English everyday.

Description of Johnson’s job

Johnso 's major responsibility is to give some people legal information about land protection, accept complaints about soil destruction and building houses without permission of the government.

He has been working at the same department about 5years. On the one hand, he has to face many lower level people who are bad-mannered farmers, and low cultural background. But he hasn’t authority to solve some problems. He thinks it is boring.

On the other hand, the legal circumstances are improved at some areas. The leader pays attention to his issues, and directs them how to solve those problems.

Johnson enjoys the relationship between him and his colleagues, and has flexible time that he can control by himself.

In future, he hopes to change to another job or another position. He plans to improve his academic level. He means he plans to get a higher level degree.

Strolling in the snow

This morning we walked in the snow in the countryside of Norwich near Bell School. The scenery is very beautiful. The farmland is just like the fairyland where Princess snow white lives. I walked with the virgin snow under my feet, trying to find the wood house. Suddenly I found some footprints in the snow. I guessed that they must have been left by the 7 dwarfs. Was I dreaming, and returning to my childhood? I wished I would never wake up. I think I will remember the snow scenery for ever.


Open your eyes,
it's a silvery world .
hold your breath,
it's a tranquil atmosphere.

Trees, bright as crystal,
just like the decoration of the heaven.
everywhere,white as the children's stories,
no end of the road.
Dogs, excited as squirrels,
just like celebrating the festival.

Walking on the deep snow,
you can smell the perfume of the cereal.
you can hear the sound of your heart,
you ,only you in this world.

Sleeping on the snow,
soft as cotton,
comfortable as mum's bosom.
Oh,be quiet,
don't disturb the sleep of Snow White .
Be quiet,
keep me in my dream.

It is bliss, isn’t?

Paul gave us a fantastic lesson this morning. We went out to get closer to the snow. Everything is covered by snow, everything is white. The snow on the ground is deeper than my ankles. Lovely, we were walking and laughing. It is bliss, isn’t?

Phoebe------a lovely police woman

Phoebe is a beautiful, softly-spoken fashionable girl. she main responsibilities are staff salary promotion and rank promotion. An other job of hers is being responsible for the sub-bureau youth work. So every day, she is tired up at her office.

Facing young people every day makes her very happy, because Phoebe feels they have the same opinion about the world ,also it makes her energetic.

Phoebe has been working there for 5 years, her major is public security, and she is satisfied with the match of her job and her major. She hopes to be the head of the department some day and take her own thought into the activities so that the department will be more efficient and cooperative.

Sometimes being a police woman, she has to work on the public holidays, and often has to do some extra work nearly every day. Additionally, if you keep doing the same thing all the day, don’t you feel tedious? Sometimes Phoebe also feels her job bored with her daily job, and she said maybe she can change her daily job, everything is changing, who knows?

So I use three adjective words to describe her-------beautiful, gentle, new-fashioned, that’s Phoebe----a lovely police girl!

A Free Bird Tina

Tina works in the financial bureau. She is responsible for the staff training program. She is in charge of making training plan and arranging the courses of the teachers and the mature students. She invites experts in the financial field as the teachers. She enjoys her job very much.
She has free time in her job, and her job is not too heavy. She doesn’t have much ambition. She hopes to improve her writing skill for the presentations. Sometimes she has to write a speech text paper for her leader. She hopes that the distance from her home to her office could be shorter than now. She hopes that she could connect with Internet to obtain more information in her work time as well. At present she can only connect with the intranet of her bureau. She dislikes preparing papers for the leader. And what makes her unhappy is that there has an imbalance of the sexes in her department. There are much more women than men. It often leads to gossip. So it is to say her job is idle, demanding and boring as well.
She has been involved in the present job for 4 years. It has already been her longest time in one job after she came to Beijing. Before she came to Beijing she had been a teacher in Liaoning province for nearly 8 years. She lived a hard life before she came to the capital. So she made a decision to leave her hometown and improve her living conditions. When she was a newcomer to Beijing, not everything was as ideal as she expected. She couldn’t find a suitable job at the beginning. She had to rent a small house which was far away from the city centre. Because she couldn’t afford to rent a bigger and nearer one. But she didn’t give up, she kept learning new technologies. She once worked as an account manager in a foreign firm.If we could use an animal to describe Tina, I think it must be an eagle, which is a free bird, likes flying in the sky freely without any tie-up. She is a determined, courageous, hard-working, and sometimes changeful person.

This is sandy

How quiet and mature man! Smile lightly, few words, looks like a leader, cool! ---- it is the first impression when you meet Sandy at the first time.
But , with the deep communication , you will find that he is also a gentle man ---- makes joke with you ,cares for you as your brother, takes more pictures for you ---so ,if we visited somewhere, our pictures were more than his in his camera. The most important thing is that he studies very hard, all of us admire him.
When we talked about his work, Sandy said proudly “I like my job very much”. I think, the most reason is not only because he has worked in his major—safety and production for twenty years, but also he thought it was a valuable work.
Sandy works in the department of Dangerous and Chemicals. His responsibility is to prevent factories from incident and protect worker’s safety and health in work. Everyday he inspects factories to find if they disobey the rules of work or not, if some factories disobeyed the rules, he would give them a fine. As a leader of his department, the biggest problem to him is that he had too few employees to inspect all the factories in our city. Some small factories stolen the chemicals with incomplete instrument, it was very dangerous to the whole city. So, Sandy said, the joyful thing was finding some dangers and preventing them. Fortunately, with the development of technology, he and his workmates can use some modern machines to improve the efficiency of work.
Besides the work, Sandy is also attached to his home, he said he was very sorry to his family ,because of his busy job ,he had not holiday ,weekend to take care of his outstanding son ,gentle and soft wife .But in our mind ,he is a qualified father and husband .Everyday in Britain, he call his wife and son ,say hello to them .Each time, when we talked about his family, smile with happiness would appear on his face.
In the future, Sandy’s biggest wish is coming to Britain to learn more knowledge about dangerous chemicals.
I believe he will realize his wish, maybe in the near future, he will come to Britain to study with his son. I believe, we all believe!

poem of snow ------ In Norwich

Fairy tales

White in my eyes,
Ground in white.
I put my feet in the deep snow,
deep footsteps behind me.
Everything is silence,
Silence is golden.
It's a silvery white fairy tales.
Nice white CHristmastime,
And nice white New year in Norwich.

jenny' proverb

Better late than never.

My beautiful poem for the snow

Footprints in snow

There are nothing but footprints on the snow,
I can find them and try to know,
Whose steps are they?
To watch them and let me tell you:

Children's footprints are lovely,

Aanimal'sfootprints are crazy,

Boy's footprints are excited,

Girl's footprints are happy.

It is the heavy snow,
Footprints are easily made on the road,
Though the steps are different,
Each of us can find our owen.

Lucky Li (2005-12-29,in Norwich)


In our class, two people introduced the proverbs or quotations everyday.We would like to put them here and share them with you. We hope you will like them.

1. Where there's life, there's hope.

2.When poverty comes in the door, love flies out of the window.

3.Try not to become a man of success but rather to become a man of value.
---------Albert Einstein
4.Home is where the heart is.

5.Your life is what your thoughts make it.

6.The early bird catches the worm.

7. Ignorance is bliss.

8. Charity begins at home.

9. Where there's will, there's a way.

10.Better late than never.

11. All good things come to those who wait.

12. Time and tide wait for no man.

13. Clothes make the man.

14. Never judge a book by its cover.

15. The pen is mighter than the sword.

16. Actions speak louder than words.

17. Safty is first.

18. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Bowthorpe in the snow

Not enough snow to cancel school so we all had to get up early today. It was beautiful walking to school, but there was a lot more traffic than yesterday.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Do you want to know a real Alan

i would lke to introduce you my friend-Alan

Alan works for the Beijing Municipal Foreign Affairs Office. His responsibility is to approve the government officials’ exit and entry into and out of China. He has worked there for almost 5 years.

Alan feels a bit bored with his job, because he has to do routine work everyday. Fortunately, he finds some interesting things in his job. He can get to know many famous places through the applications. There are some problems in his job. He often finds some fake invitations in the applications, which mainly come from Australia and New Zealand.

Alan wants to change his job in future. Because his major is International Finance, he wants to work for banks and financial agents. Alan thinks though China is developing very fast, his job responsibility won’t change in future.

Do you know what does real Jenny do?

Hello everyone, I post Jenny's story,I hope you would enjoy it.

Jenny is a kind lady and her job is very interesting, now let me tell you something about the real Jenny.

She works for the Rural Affairs commission, Science and technology Department. She is a “Science and Technology in Agriculture” project assistant, she always provides the training for the farmers.

Her daily jobs are to organize the “Science and technology in Agriculture” project as an assistant and write some reports for the leader. She often attends or holds the meetings and does the simple jobs everyday, such as copy or type files. She has done this job for 4 years.

She likes to help the farmers and improve their life qualities. But she doesn’t like the boring and simple things everyday; she thinks her job is not very interesting and very good. She is also hate that there is the long way between the office and her home.

She tells me that her job is the same as in the past, but the government pays more attention to the life of the farmers now, maybe there will be more responsibilities and jobs to do. But there are less land resources in Beijing, she thinks that her department may not have a good future.

So she wants to change her job, and she wish she could become a professor in a in university in a small city. She wants to go to the university to continue to study and to get her PHD.

Bell Norwich Christmas Course

Welcome back!

Hello everyone!
I hope you all had a good long weekend over Christmas. Welcome back to the school on this snowy Tuesday morning! I hope you have a good week this week, enjoy yourselves and learn some English too!!!
Keep warm!
from Carole

Friday, December 23, 2005

From Study Centre

Merry Christmas and all good wishes for the New Year!!

Happy Christmas

Dear All,

I hope you are all enjoying your Christmas Course here at Bell Norwich. We are delighted that you are spending Christmas in our 'Fine City'.

I will not be here next week so I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Best Wishes,


Christmas Carol singing

Today, before lunch we all sang Christmas carols together.
All the students had practised and the singing and music making was really great.

I have found a good website with the music and words for the songs we sang
and lots of others. I hope you enjoy them as much as we all did together.

I'm not sure if the link that I put in works but this is the address

Thursday, December 22, 2005

The feeling here in Norwich

I have stayed in Norwich for 4weeks.
I could not get used to cold here first, but now is OK.
There are a lot of old buildings in Norwich.
This atmosphere gives me good feeling.
I am sure I never feel lonely.
I would like to visit as many old buildings as possible here.
If you know good buildings, please tell me.

Where is the sun?

I'm looking forward to the sun which gives light and warmth to people all over the world, including my beloved families and friends in China. The word frequently spoken here is CHRISTMAS, but my favourite words are SPRING FESTIVAL.

Hello from Bob

Welcome to Norwich! I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas Course! Merry Christmas & A Happy Nerw Year To You All!

Believe yourself. Your eyes can work well. Don't dobut yourself, It is true.

Because you are watching most charming and stunning people in this classroom!!!

Do you need our telephone numbers? Please connect us.


hello! New friends!!

I`m Sayo from Japan.

Before I came here, I had studied English for 2months at bell Cambridge :)

Compared with Cambridge, I found the pace of life in Norwich is a little bit slower like me..
( people who know me will agree!)

I hope I can make as many friends as possible:)

See you soon!!!!!
hello, I' m Alejandra, the only one from Argentina. Nobody speaks spanish, I'm going to learn more because I don't have anyone to speak to.
I'm staying here only for the Christmas Course, and then I' m going to Cambrigde. But I think that I will miss Bell Norwich. People are very kind to me, especially Bob.

Merry Christimas ans happyNew Year!!!

enjoy your life.

My name is Angelina.I come from taiwan.
Nice to meet you.
Bell norwich is very nice,it has the best teachers.
The chef is able to cook lots of different kinds of food.
Here is the best choice.
Enjoy your life.
Merry christmas.


I'm enjoying the lunch in Norwich Bell school. It's very nice, thanks Tom! We are going to have Christmas lunch today... I'm sure it'll be lovely. I can't wait for lunchtime.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! It is cold in Norwich, but I feel warm. All the teachers in Bell School and many people here are so friendly, kind and helpful. It is my first time to be here, but I hope it is not the last.


Hello, everybody! I am Daisy. Today I have been in England for 1 month. I will do my best to enjoy everyday!!
Merry Christmas and happy new year!!

hi, i am Jenny.

i enjoy my studying life in Norwich.

So glad that all of us gather together!

this is the first time I have been to Britain. Everyone is so kind that I hope make friends with all of you.
Although I am not used to the British cuisine, some foods are delicious here.
Thank our chef in Bell Norwich for the Chinese meals!

This is a picture of my country,Libya
Merry Christmasto every body.


The word "HELLO" means:
H=How are you?
E=Everthing fine?
L=Like to hear your voice!
L=Love to see u!
O=Obviously we miss u!


hello everyone
I wish you have a nice christmas
my name is Jonathan
we are playing sonw with sonwman
if you want to join us
please go to Norwich
we are waiting you

*_* ^_^

Merry Christmas.......hahahaha

Merry Christmas(^_^)

TEST it works or not (o>t
Hi, I'm Hiromi.
I'm bell language school's student.
I'm going to stay this school only 2weeks(Christmas Course).
However we have to write the blog, so I start to write this.
This school is absolutely great at the study. We have a study centre which has many teaching materials. For example listening tape, lot of books(for many kind of exams), computer rooms, etc.
That's quite good. If you want study, I'm recommend this school first.
Anyway I really like here.

I hope I will write it every day.


hello,my name is juan.
l have been staying in norwich for 3 weeks. Bell school is a lot of fun.
I wish you merry Christmas.
Sachiko is ? years old. If you know her age, please tell me!!!
and Ilove sachiko .


Hello,my name is Mustafa..
I have been staying in Norwich for three weeks..
It is diifferent from other cities,because in Norwich people's who are very friendly,helpful and gentle and so on..
I hope everybody has a nice Christmas..

Merry Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

I wish wa Merry Christmas!!!
Nice to meet you all in Norwich.

The right photo is our class of Christmas course.
I am back-side, second from left next to our teacher.
Jonathan who is from Chaina is front-side, second from right and da singer.

Have a nice Christmas course in Norwich!!

Merry Christmas

My name is Salem ,I'm a student at bell school
Merry Christmas to every body
I'm very happy to share with a huge number of people in the world to celebrate Christmas and I'm trying to write some things.
I think the first time Christmas is religious ,but after ages it changed to become an international celebration,and every body in the world waits to celebrate it,also I like Christmas because it's one of the few times which make a lot of people happy and feel the same feeling at the same time. Would you like to comment?

Merry Christmas~~~^^

Hello~~~ I'm Sung min.
I come from South Korea.
I want to go to university in the UK.
I must study English during Christmas holiday.
It's horrible......T_T;;;;
Anyway.....Merry Christmas~~~

Merry chrstmas

Merry Christmas in Norwrich

hi , everyone I am James.
I wish everyone has a nice Christmas and enjoy it.
I studied in Saffron Waldon before.
I am the only student from there.
Here is very interesting city.
I stay here two weeks for Christmas than go back.
We went to England traditional pub yesterday night.
I liked talking with my friends and listening to music in the pub.
I enjoyed it. I liked beer, I drank three different kinds alcohols.
I hope I can go to pub with my friends every week. To relax..
I want presents........... haha. From SANTA.

Do you know how to explain every letter in "Christmas"

C is for the Christ and the child in all of us .
H is for the Heart of God ,in whom we place our trust.
R is for our Redeemer ,who is finished with his chore.
I is for Isaiah ,who had told it all before .
S is for the Shepherd came to see him.
T is for Three Wise Men ,who were wise beyond degree.
M is for a Manager ,a simple manger where he lay.
A is for bright Angles who were standing by that day.
S is for the Star that shone and still shines out today.


nice to meet you every one! heppy christmas!


I'm Jenny, nice to meet you!



are you happy in britain?

i want to know are you happy in britain,please tell me.

nice to meet you ,i am sonya

hello ,everyone ,i am sonya , it's my pleasure to stay with you during the christmas day !
merry christmas !

it's me lucky lee

Nice to see U HERE

I'm glad to meet you.I'm cici.

hello,glad to meet at net.


Hi, guys! I am Phoebe from Group 2. Nice to meet you. I am very glad to know a lot of friends here. Merry Christmas!


Hello, everyone, i'm johnson, come from Beijing, China. I hope have a lovely christmas in Norwich! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The photo of Group 2

hello, everyone!

i'm Jan, nice to meet you!

this is sophie in class 1

Nice to meet everyone in Norwich!

How's it going?

Hi everyone

How's your course going? Are you enjoying the Christmas Course? Tell us about some of the things you've been doing here, in class or on the social programme or with your host family.

I thought last night's party in the pub had a really nice atmosphere, didn't you? It was great to see so many students there. I saw a lot of you were drinking Guiness - what did you think of it?