Thursday, December 29, 2005

About Super Sonya

My classmate Sonya is a pretty optimistic young lady and smile always on her face. To my surprise, I never know before that Sonya and I are working in the same building. We often met in the dining room at noon before we came to Britain.
She works at Beijing population and family planning commission. Her major is law, so she deals with law problems everyday. She is proud of her job although she is not satisfied with her salary. Many important policies about family planning may come from her hand. Everyone knowing the policy of “one family, one child”, so if you want to have your second child, you can ask her to help you (back door).
The happiest thing for her is when she draws up a reasonable policy. The unhappiest thing for her is that she is so busy everyday and has little spare time to enjoy a colourful life. In the future, her strong desire is to change to another department in order to learn more knowledge. The thing annoyed her is that her major is so professional that can’t be understood easily by some people.
Her hobby is climbing and listening to music.


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