Thursday, December 29, 2005

Bell Norwich Christmas Course

This is Mustafa.I come from Ankara in Turkey.I was born in Ankara,a city in Inner Anatolia of Turkey.It is very big,with a population of about 5,000,000.It is the capital city.There are many national parks and a few universities.I miss my country,which has very peaceful people.There are no big bridges but there are a lot of small bridges.There also a few skyscrapers,which are really wondurful and incredible..
A few years ago,the main industry was building skyscrapers,but now the chemical and flat building industries are very important.In Ankara,which has become a building centre because there is a lot of empty land there.
I left Ankara four weeks ago but I want to return.I miss the people,who are so nice and kind and I miss my mother,who is cooking absolutely delicious.Also the countryside near the city,where there are so many parks and pubs.
People,who are born in Ankara have special features because Ankara people are very helpful,kind and so on...


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