Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Do you know what does real Jenny do?

Hello everyone, I post Jenny's story,I hope you would enjoy it.

Jenny is a kind lady and her job is very interesting, now let me tell you something about the real Jenny.

She works for the Rural Affairs commission, Science and technology Department. She is a “Science and Technology in Agriculture” project assistant, she always provides the training for the farmers.

Her daily jobs are to organize the “Science and technology in Agriculture” project as an assistant and write some reports for the leader. She often attends or holds the meetings and does the simple jobs everyday, such as copy or type files. She has done this job for 4 years.

She likes to help the farmers and improve their life qualities. But she doesn’t like the boring and simple things everyday; she thinks her job is not very interesting and very good. She is also hate that there is the long way between the office and her home.

She tells me that her job is the same as in the past, but the government pays more attention to the life of the farmers now, maybe there will be more responsibilities and jobs to do. But there are less land resources in Beijing, she thinks that her department may not have a good future.

So she wants to change her job, and she wish she could become a professor in a in university in a small city. She wants to go to the university to continue to study and to get her PHD.


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