Thursday, December 22, 2005

The feeling here in Norwich

I have stayed in Norwich for 4weeks.
I could not get used to cold here first, but now is OK.
There are a lot of old buildings in Norwich.
This atmosphere gives me good feeling.
I am sure I never feel lonely.
I would like to visit as many old buildings as possible here.
If you know good buildings, please tell me.


Blogger Sharon said...

Well done, you worked out how to edit!
One of my favourite old buildings in Norwich is also the home of one of my favourite shops. It's called 'Country and Eastern' and here is a link to the website:
It's next to the fire station and very near the Forum so it would be very easy to visit.

11:57 pm  
Blogger sachiko said...

Dear Sharon:
Thank you for the information about the old building in Norwich. I will visit it in near future and I will let you know what I feel there.

5:50 pm  

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