Thursday, December 29, 2005

A Free Bird Tina

Tina works in the financial bureau. She is responsible for the staff training program. She is in charge of making training plan and arranging the courses of the teachers and the mature students. She invites experts in the financial field as the teachers. She enjoys her job very much.
She has free time in her job, and her job is not too heavy. She doesn’t have much ambition. She hopes to improve her writing skill for the presentations. Sometimes she has to write a speech text paper for her leader. She hopes that the distance from her home to her office could be shorter than now. She hopes that she could connect with Internet to obtain more information in her work time as well. At present she can only connect with the intranet of her bureau. She dislikes preparing papers for the leader. And what makes her unhappy is that there has an imbalance of the sexes in her department. There are much more women than men. It often leads to gossip. So it is to say her job is idle, demanding and boring as well.
She has been involved in the present job for 4 years. It has already been her longest time in one job after she came to Beijing. Before she came to Beijing she had been a teacher in Liaoning province for nearly 8 years. She lived a hard life before she came to the capital. So she made a decision to leave her hometown and improve her living conditions. When she was a newcomer to Beijing, not everything was as ideal as she expected. She couldn’t find a suitable job at the beginning. She had to rent a small house which was far away from the city centre. Because she couldn’t afford to rent a bigger and nearer one. But she didn’t give up, she kept learning new technologies. She once worked as an account manager in a foreign firm.If we could use an animal to describe Tina, I think it must be an eagle, which is a free bird, likes flying in the sky freely without any tie-up. She is a determined, courageous, hard-working, and sometimes changeful person.


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