Friday, December 30, 2005

I don't want to say goodbye!


This morning, my host mother told me saddly,'Leitasa(a girl from Intaly ) has gone,I don't want to say good bye.'I could see the tears in her eyes.My eyes was wet also, because this sunday I will leave. I know she had to face the situation like this, and all of the memember of the Bell in Norwich face the situstion often. Norwich is a very, very,very friendly city, and so many many people come here ,espcially to study in Bell.

This morning, I saw tears in Tom’s eyes. Oh, Tom, you gave our very deep impression.when we receive the lunch from your hand , we felt very warm, we could feel your kind heart.(please forgive ,I can’t find more words to descibe my heart.).And we also remembered your teaching us new words ,although you are not a teacher in the class,but you are our english teacher in the dinning room.

Bob, a good learner,has strong intresting in learning chinese.I felt sorry I hadn’t taught you any words.Thanks for your hard work, and we all have experienced a very fantastic social work.

Megumi, a lovely lady, I will remember your honey smiling.The study center is very tidy, and you have done very well. I know it’s because your careful work.Thanks for your help and thank your comment on my little poem.

Paul and sharon, our teachers ,you are good teachers, especially very creative teachers,thanks for your lessons.

And our drivers, thank you for your hard work, your courteous heart. We will remember forever for your care on the trip. Each lately coming home hadn’t made us lonely. We felt safety and warm.

Tears are in my eyes when I tape the words.I don’t want to say goodbye,but I had to. Mayby today’s leaving is for the coming back soon. I can’t write all my feeling ,can’t write to all the people because of my less words in English, and also because I have limited time to use internet.


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