Thursday, December 29, 2005

Influential Li

Li is a sunny boy in our class. He also is an important person in his department. Let me tell you something about his work. Li is deputy director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning Chang Ping Branch Bureau. His responsibilities are making decisions on Changping district roads and basic facilities. His day to day duties are making decision, answering someone’s application and attending a lot meeting. He has done the job for 1 year.
Li likes his job because he likes the challenges. Everyday he meets different people and different things. He enjoys it very much. And when the buildings and roads that he had decided on are finished, he feels proud he is involved with them.
But Li thinks his job isn’t perfect because his office is far away from his home. It takes 1 hour to go to the office everyday. And his office is not large enough and salary is not good enough. And sometimes making decisions in his job is very difficult. And there are too much work everyday.
Li hope there will be some changes in his job. He wishes building more excellent facilities and roads in Changping district in the future.


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