Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Inspiration From Walking This Morning

The Inspiration From Walking This Morning

hi, everyone :I'm very delighted this morning. Paul gave us a wonderful lesson.We walked on the snow, listening to the sound of birds.I'm not a poet, and not good at English.But I'd like to give you my poem.I hope you can understand me, and give some comments on it:

The flowers from heaven

Tiny flowers bloom
all the things are silent
only listen to the sound

It's the gift from heaven
God smiles at all
soothes the soul
like mother to child

Birds are fling in the sky
whispering to pray
songs from my heart
sing on the remote field

cici (from China), in Norwich


Blogger Meg said...

It's a lovely poem, Cici!

12:58 pm  

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