Thursday, December 29, 2005

Phoebe------a lovely police woman

Phoebe is a beautiful, softly-spoken fashionable girl. she main responsibilities are staff salary promotion and rank promotion. An other job of hers is being responsible for the sub-bureau youth work. So every day, she is tired up at her office.

Facing young people every day makes her very happy, because Phoebe feels they have the same opinion about the world ,also it makes her energetic.

Phoebe has been working there for 5 years, her major is public security, and she is satisfied with the match of her job and her major. She hopes to be the head of the department some day and take her own thought into the activities so that the department will be more efficient and cooperative.

Sometimes being a police woman, she has to work on the public holidays, and often has to do some extra work nearly every day. Additionally, if you keep doing the same thing all the day, don’t you feel tedious? Sometimes Phoebe also feels her job bored with her daily job, and she said maybe she can change her daily job, everything is changing, who knows?

So I use three adjective words to describe her-------beautiful, gentle, new-fashioned, that’s Phoebe----a lovely police girl!


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