Thursday, December 29, 2005

a story about a lovely girl

Today, I’m glad to introduce a lovely girl to you.

She comes from the Department of Society and Technology in Beijing Bureau of Statistics, She has worked for 3 years since she graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2002.

Her main responsibilities are to analyze some social phenomena and social problems accruing in recent years, to write reports and to give advice and specific-data to the government.

Her day-to day duties are to get some projects from Beijing government, to cooperate with other organizations, to design questionnaires , to do surveys and do interviews according to questionnaires, to collect data ,to put data into computers ,to use statistic software to analyze and write reports ,to find useful information on the internet. And, then every quarter, she gives presentations to all the staff to report on the results of the research.

She enjoys her work because her projects are new in the society; she thinks her job is full of creative, challenge. She always finds something interesting in the job. Especially, she can use the knowledge from the university, and makes her knowledge wider.

On the other hand, she faces some difficulties all the time. No one is able to help her. She has to cope with them by herself. Sometimes she feels helpless.

Her work time is from Monday to Friday. She feels bored about that. When she writes reports, she can’t focus on it in the office because the office is very noisy. And she wants to travel, but she has no holiday.

Her work will be widened because of the development of the society. The tools used to analyze data will change, which makes it easier for her to analyze.

In future, she hopes she has an opportunity to go to Oxford or Harvard. She also plans to retire early, and then she wants to travel.

Do you know who she is? Yes, she is Jasmine ( Du Juan)


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