Thursday, December 29, 2005

this is real jan(zhang)

Jan’s C V

· Jan works for the expert & postdoctoral affairs office of personnel bureau of Beijing municipality government. Her responsibility is to select people to have the special allowance from the government and is keen on training young people who are under forty years old. Such as helping young people financially to go abroad to study and to do the scientific research.

· Jan has worked for seven years in the personnel bureau.

· Jan feel a little bit bored about routine work because she does the same work year after year , fortunately she always meets some very famous experts.

· Jan is good at writting speech , she has to write important speech for leaders sometimes.

· Jan considers that China is developing change very fast. The government will be slimmed and her bureau may diminish in future.

· Jan hope she can change her job, she , recently, focused on the job by using English everyday.


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