Thursday, December 29, 2005

This is sandy

How quiet and mature man! Smile lightly, few words, looks like a leader, cool! ---- it is the first impression when you meet Sandy at the first time.
But , with the deep communication , you will find that he is also a gentle man ---- makes joke with you ,cares for you as your brother, takes more pictures for you ---so ,if we visited somewhere, our pictures were more than his in his camera. The most important thing is that he studies very hard, all of us admire him.
When we talked about his work, Sandy said proudly “I like my job very much”. I think, the most reason is not only because he has worked in his major—safety and production for twenty years, but also he thought it was a valuable work.
Sandy works in the department of Dangerous and Chemicals. His responsibility is to prevent factories from incident and protect worker’s safety and health in work. Everyday he inspects factories to find if they disobey the rules of work or not, if some factories disobeyed the rules, he would give them a fine. As a leader of his department, the biggest problem to him is that he had too few employees to inspect all the factories in our city. Some small factories stolen the chemicals with incomplete instrument, it was very dangerous to the whole city. So, Sandy said, the joyful thing was finding some dangers and preventing them. Fortunately, with the development of technology, he and his workmates can use some modern machines to improve the efficiency of work.
Besides the work, Sandy is also attached to his home, he said he was very sorry to his family ,because of his busy job ,he had not holiday ,weekend to take care of his outstanding son ,gentle and soft wife .But in our mind ,he is a qualified father and husband .Everyday in Britain, he call his wife and son ,say hello to them .Each time, when we talked about his family, smile with happiness would appear on his face.
In the future, Sandy’s biggest wish is coming to Britain to learn more knowledge about dangerous chemicals.
I believe he will realize his wish, maybe in the near future, he will come to Britain to study with his son. I believe, we all believe!


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